Senior lecturer Dr Chamila Nishanthi aims to share her knowledge with others

“MY job is lecturing plus producing and directing educational audio and video programmes and currently I work as a senior programme producer cum project leader for producing educational TV, radio and audio programmes. I have produced numerous formal and non-formal additional supplementary learning materials in audio and video for general education in Sri Lanka,” said Dr Chamila Nishanthi Edward, alumna of Management and Science University (MSU) PhD in Management/Business under the Graduate School of Management (GSM).

Dr Chamila started her career as an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka soon after finishing her post-graduation. Over the years, she has been promoted twice as a lecturer and senior lecturer and was awarded the BHU Gold Medal from Banaras Hindu University of India in the academic year 2000–2002 for securing highest marks and standing first in the Master of Music Examinations.

She is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Electronic Dissemination at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Sri Lanka.

The significance of Dr Chamila’s career is the roles and responsibilities she plays at the NIE. Her relentless self-determination in her career after working in the education field for about 15 years has brought her thus far. She is multitalented and brings so much to the table. With interest in transpiring the existing education system in Sri Lanka, her doctoral research topic is Instructional Design and Music Education

She is interested to share her knowledge and is passionate to develop teaching and learning materials in tandem with the 21st century pedagogy. At the same time, she seeks opportunities to reach the unreachable through innovative and alternative approaches.

When speaking of challenges, Dr Chamila has her own way of facing and solving her problems. She said, “As a developing country, the general education system faces drawbacks like lack of technology integration in classrooms. Teachers and students are lacking knowledge on how to handle technological devices – basically web 2.0 tools. These are the challenges I face in my career when implementing new teaching and learning tools to the system.”

$!Dr Chamila has guided many teachers and students in completing research that are relevant to the field of education.

However, Dr Chamila still perseveres to pass her knowledge to many others. Her accolades and achievements have encouraged many men and women to join this career. She has transformed the lives of many students too. Metaphorically, Dr. Chamila is a candle, and she doesn’t mind enduring challenges in order to brighten the lives of many young minds who are the torchbearers of the future. She is a good role model and a trainer as she has trained teachers in her field to write for the media. She has guided many teachers and students in completing research that are relevant to the field of education.

Dr Chamila has a wealth of knowledge and experience having been in the field of education for many years. She began planning for this career a long time ago and that could be seen in the topic she chose for her postgraduate pursuit.

“The country-based research study I conducted was designed basically to experiment how effective blended learning strategy is in the teaching and learning process, especially to teach an abstract subject like music. Results were highly significant and proved that blended learning is the best suited instructional design to teach music for students at senior secondary level of education in Sri Lanka,” she said.

Dr Chamila chose MSU because she was offered to study on a scholarship. She said, “MSU is a globally recognised institution that is registered under the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Sri Lanka and MSU is one of the world’s top ranked universities mainly focused to develop human capital around the globe. So, I’m immensely proud to be an MSUrian.”

Dr Chamila also shared her experience studying at MSU, which she considered to be a life-long memory etched in her heart.

“I was a full-time doctoral student who spent almost three years at MSU’s campus in Malaysia. My supervisors and all the lecturers were so helpful, friendly, always supportive and guided me well to finish my PhD on time. The facilities at the university such as the accommodation were highly impressive. I had opportunities to participate in seminars, workshops, poster presentations, cultural activities, and entertainment during my study period,” she said.

When asked to give the younger generation of MSUrians some tips, Dr Chamila said, “Success will always come hand in hand with hard work and creativity. If anyone is able to commit, become loyal and accountable to what they do they will become successful.”

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