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Dr Desak Nyoman Sithi proves perseverance is the key to success

23 Feb 2021 / 13:45 H.

A RETIRED policewoman with the rank of colonel, who is also a lecturer and a surveyor in Jakarta with 24 years of working experience, is a Management and Science University (MSU) alumnus.

Dr Desak Nyoman Sithi was responsible for establishing the learning ecosystem of the pivotal nursing programme at Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jakarta in Indonesia, one of the most demanding programmes at the university.

Desak had worked double jobs as a policewoman and a deputy director at the Academic Affairs Department of the School of Nursing.

Her perseverance to be a game changer in whichever field she ventured into paid off when she was promoted to director in 2001.

With her experience and hard work, she was made the dean of the university’s health sciences faculty for a second time, and the head of the nursing committee at the Police Hospital where she worked.

“I joined MSU to further my studies in a PhD programme in Management and Business under the Graduate School of Management. I was a mature student there. Initially, the lectures were held in Jakarta. However, after one of my lecturers passed away, I had to strive on my own to complete my thesis. I managed to successfully finish it and graduated with a doctorate early this year.

“All of these achievements were possible only through hard work. I worked smart. Collaboration, teamwork and positive thinking with the right attitude have brought me this far,” she said.

Desak’s commitment to her work stems from her love for what she does.

“As a policewoman, I served and protected the people, especially women, from human trafficking. I also educated women on their rights.

“As a healthcare provider at the hospital, I served and protected patients and their families, and ensured their safety at all costs. I educated them on their rights, too.”

Juggling several roles in her career, Desak is an inspiration to others.

She simultaneously served as a policewoman, dean and lecturer, and a surveyor of hospital accreditation.

She pursued these careers with the aim of inspiring and transforming lives. She wanted to educate people on their rights and further help them grow their self-confidence.

As a surveyor, she aimed to enhance the hospital standards and competencies based on the fundamental concept of building a professional healthcare system in Indonesia.

She put all her knowledge and experience into her job, especially at the university, to implement a more future-ready education institution that understands the importance of an inclusive learning ecosystem.

“I had to face many challenges along the way. However, I overcame them with good time management, high endurance and other essential skills. I never gave up,” she added.

MSU takes pride in celebrating its highly accomplished alumna, a doyenne in her industry, who has garnered many accolades for her work. She completed her education in a wholesome learning ecosystem at her alma mater, MSU.

“All my postgraduate lecturers were very helpful. They always guided me in my studies. However, there was one unforgettable bad experience during the VIVA examination. One of the examiners was from the UK and I could not understand his accent. But I was so grateful to another examiner who translated what was being said to help me understand.”

On her tips for success, Desak said: “Always work hard and smart, while seeking more room for improvement on your soft skills. Expand your network as much as you can.”

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