Dr Corrie Mary Milka Inkiriwang uses her academic and medical background for good

BEYOND her beauty, Management and Science University (MSU)’s very own alumna with a PhD in Management/Business under the Graduate School of Management (GSM), Dr Corrie Mary Milka Inkiriwang, is known for her notable accolades as a medical doctor.

With a solid ten years of experience, Milka is currently a Functional Doctor at Lembaga Ketahanan Nasional Republik Indonesia (Lemhannas RI).

“My role at Lemhannas RI is to serve the nation. I am here on a contract by the government as a civilian worker in the health area. Those who work here are mostly government officials and generals from the army and police. So, when they are sick, there is a special way in dealing or treating them compared to ordinary patients,” she said.

Also the Indonesian General Practitioner Association (PDUI) Public Relations Head Officer, Milka has a profound competency in language and communication skills, and her role during the pandemic included educating people and spreading awareness on the virus.

“The biggest challenge as a frontliner during the pandemic is risking our lives to save many other lives. Honestly, I am scared, especially when seeing the infected and how the symptoms show up until they can’t breathe normally. I believe that this profession is a destiny from God for me to help people who are suffering, through my competency as a doctor. I feel bad if I can’t help them,” she said.

According to Milka, her greatest inspirations were her parents.

“My father taught me a lot about being a good leader, while my mother taught me how to be a good, smart and loyal woman with an attitude,” she said.

Recommending that she pursue a PhD after graduating from a master’s degree, Milka’s master’s supervisor further ushered her towards MSU.

$!Milka with her family during her convocation at MSU.

“At the beginning, I ignored the offer. But after discussing it with my parents, especially my father, I decided to do the PhD. He was the one who gave me a lot of support in the endeavour.

“I have a lot of experiences studying at MSU, especially when I had to stay alone. It was kind of hard at first, I felt homesick all the time. But thank God, all the lecturers at MSU were very kind and friendly. My biggest thanks go to my supervisor. He is my hero and guardian angel,” Milka said.

“To be honest, at first, I did not like my supervisor at all because my first impression of him was quite bad. I felt like he was always mad at me and it felt like I was always on the wrong side.

“My father told me what my supervisor was doing to me was the right thing. He said that my supervisor was trying to help me be a better person and it was certainly true. Now, I thank him a lot for doing that. I might have not understood then, but I do now. The journey to PhD was like a roller coaster ride. But all of it was a lesson to me. I learned to be more responsible in managing time,” she said.

Learning many new things and developing oneself is not adequate for a profound personality like Milka if it is not shared with the next generation, as she inspired MSUrians not just through her experiences, but the following wise nugget.

“Be yourself and have trust in yourself. Come out of your comfort zone. Never compare yourself with others. Be positive in who you are and in everything you do. Stay away from negativity. Finally, be prayerful in everything you do,” she said.

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