One of MSU’s international students explains how campus life has been for her

At home, away from home

HANEN DAMMAK CHOURA is attached to the Higher Institute of Applied Studies in Humanities at the University of Tunis. Her Master’s studies were on English language, civilisation and literature, with orientations to linguistics focusing on teaching skills and practices.

At Management and Science University (MSU), she is beginning her PhD research into linguistics, English for Specific Purposes, and TESL, with a focus on the effect of evaluate exams on teachers in the teaching context.

“Diversity is the most important ingredient for creative thinking. You cannot have critical thinking if you see things from only one angle. One way to improve your creativity is to study abroad, and this is why I chose MSU.

“Being among different people and nationalities widens your perspective. My intercultural experiences on campus at MSU have influenced my choice of research area through [the campus’] rich potential in contributing new ideas. I am eager to work across the various cultures and build my interpersonal skills, as well as leadership ability and professionalism.

“On my previous visit to MSU, I was inspired by the teamwork I saw on campus, and how everyone was engaged and having fun. It was all such positive input. Then I attended my first class, which was research methodology, and it all just clicked. MSU cares.

“The staff do all they can to help you succeed. The campus is big enough for everybody to find his/her place, yet cosy enough to make you feel at home. I’m missing my family, but I feel like I’m home. I really appreciate that.

“A truly Internationalised university as it is, MSU succeeds in making students feel like they belong to this place. If I were to recommend MSU – and I am recommending MSU – I’d have a long list of reasons, but let me give you my biggest three.

“One is the level of support available to you. It helps you transform your academic dream into reality.

“I have just started my PhD with one class, but I feel like I have accomplished a lot.

“MSU is also an accredited university and it is Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) as well as Times Higher Education (THE) ranked. And its students have good career assistance.

“Never skip your chance to be here as a student of MSU.”

Management & Science University (MSU) is one of Malaysia’s top universities with a focus on developing and delivering quality human capital in national and global critical-need areas; among these are Medicine, Health Sciences, Pharmacy, Information Sciences, and Engineering, besides Business Management & Professional Studies, Education & Social Sciences, Hospitality & Culinary, and Music & Fashion.

As Malaysia’s best teaching and learning university, MSU prioritises quality education; incorporating 21st century learning in the teaching delivery focused on producing holistic graduates.

Real world scenarios are adopted into the classroom learning experience. Strategic thinking and thought-provoking case studies expose students to solutions, and equip them with a higher level of practical problem-solving abilities.

All modules are rigorously designed with strategic industrial and corporate input, an opening vignette to major events and real-world issues around the globe.

The post-graduate programmes at MSU are carefully crafted to cultivate leadership and a real research contribution that address industrial hands-on challenges at the highest management level.

Due to the tremendous and exciting state of flux within business and management communities, top management must adapt rapidly to stay competitive, relevant and strategically positioned to tackle global trends by possessing the relevant post-graduate qualifications.

The post-graduate studies at MSU offers advanced degrees at MBA, MSc and PhD levels covering the wide areas including Business Administration, Accounting/ Finance, Management, Educational Management and Leadership, Education (Teaching English as Second Language), International Business, Master in Fashion Business, International Hospitality and Tourism Management, Early Childhood Education, Counselling and Guidance, Computer Science, Food Service Technology, Biomedicine, Biomedical Sciences, Information Technology, Clinical Pharmacy, Engineering, Pharmacy, Applied Science, Design and Medical Physiology. This programme is offered under the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) and Graduate School of Management (GSM).

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