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The MSU MBA remains high on the priority list for professionals and leaders in meeting human capital demands

30 Jan 2020 / 11:54 H.

THERE is no doubt that 21st-century economic dynamics have changed the landscape of business at home and abroad.

Global organisations and establishments at all levels of management in corporate and industrial sectors seek cost-effective ways to stay afloat in the red ocean. One vital question remains: are the current human capital or talent resources able to adopt and adapt to the megatrends of disruptive changes?

The combined approaches of Management & Science University (MSU) to 21st-century learning and industry-driven education have built strong traditions that enhance current and future pools of human capital assets to address the challenges of the 21st-century Knowledge Economy.

Global companies in Malaysia, the ASEAN Economic Community, and the Asia-Pacific region are constantly on the lookout for innovative approaches to talent enhancement in sustaining business leadership beyond the national boundary.

The MSU Master of Business Administration (MBA), centred at its Graduate School of Management (GSM) is geared towards providing only the most critical skills in talent creation at the business and management marketplace.

The MSU MBA remains high on the priority list of 21st-century education for professionals and leaders in generating business-centric skills to meet human capital demands for new business perspectives around the globe.

Adopting global standards of industry best practices, the MSU MBA modules pioneer new directions in building capacity and enhancing key abilities for all levels across the management spectrum; in business innovation, strategy, and decision-making skills, across the entrepreneurial, managerial, financial, ICT technology, governance, and human resource spectrum.

The MSU MBA seeks to transform the real-world practice into classrooms, for an immersive 360-degree experiential learning that excites. Advocating the United Nations Sustainability Goals, the MSU MBA incorporates practical dimensions in developing top-tier management skills encompassing entrepreneurial leadership, strategic management, Islamic finance, project management, and key business and management knowledge for the 21st-century market.

The MSU MBA’s combination of affordable fees, world-class teaching, and leading industry collaborations have enabled the creation of a sustainable network of graduates and managers who are well-prepared to meet the demands of 21st-century business.

The MSU series of CEO Talks and Entrepreneur Talks provide MBA students with the opportunity to be up-close and personal with global CEOs on cross-sectional approaches across the business and management spectrum.

Lifelong learning is vital for everybody and not just for the insatiably curious. Make lifelong learning a part of yourself, advance in your professional life, and gain immense personal fulfillment.

Besides the MBA programme, the Graduate School of Management (GSM) also offers PhD and Master programmes in Management/Business, Accounting/Finance, Management, Educational Management and Leadership, Education (Teaching of English as a Second Language), International Business, Counselling and Guidance, Fashion Business, International Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Early Childhood Education.

These programmes are offered as weekend or weekday classes, and for all management levels with a variety of study options.

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