Less corporate, more mindful

A Sri Lankan academician hopes his thesis will shed light on the contributions of women entrepereneurs

24 Nov 2020 / 10:30 H.

DR Digo Thalattaniralalage Kingsley Bernard, who made the switch from the corporate world to academia, is passionate about all things mechanical or motorised. But this academician is also a man of conviction, commitment, courage, and care.

Currently a senior lecturer at the Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) Faculty of Business, Dr Kingsley Bernard carries a wealth of experience from his time as CEO at Dankotuwa Porcelain PLC , a Sri Lankan/Japanese collaboration that has for three consecutive years been awarded Most Outstanding Exporter by Sri Lanka’s National Chamber of Exporters.

His doctoral dissertation at the MSU Graduate School of Management (GSM) aims to shine a light on an important sector of the Sri Lankan economy: entrepreneurship microfinancing. Focused on women entrepreneurs, the dissertation sought to examine how microfinance influences their success.

“Microfinancing exists in every country. Though meant for the larger population, a special focus should be given to women entrepreneurs because they are capable of not only uplifting their own family’s social standing but also contributing towards the national economy.”

He believes that the findings of his research will help institutions as well as policymakers identify effective ways of utilising microfinancing’s resources.

“Generally, women everywhere contribute less to the labour force than their male counterparts. Enhancing their contribution is vital. Given a women-majority population, imagine the potential upsurge in the Sri Lankan economy if its womenfolk receive more opportunities for entrepreneurship.

“My recommendations in Entrepreneurial Success for Women of the Microfinance Sector in Sri Lanka can be generalised for many other countries with similar socio-economic conditions,” he explains.

The transition to the world of academia had been a childhood dream of his.

“Sharing knowledge with the younger generation is always a rewarding experience. I belong to a family of educationists. They retired in the 70’s, but experience gained through student leadership during my undergraduate years lived on to fuel the joy and satisfaction I feel in teaching,” he says.

With an MBA from the University of Colombo, a postgraduate diploma in International Marketing from USA’s Colorado State University, a Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Statistics) from the University of Jaffna, and a Diploma in Computer Systems Design from CICC Japan, why join Management and Science University (MSU) for the Doctor of Philosophy (Management/Business)?

“MSU enjoys a high academic reputation in the Sri Lankan education circle. It has a quality system in place and an impressive iGoT, which ensured completion of my doctoral studies on time – in three years. That the University is also Asia’s first to be recognised internationally by ACEEU as Entrepreneurial and Engaged, and has been acclaimed by the Ministry of Higher Education as Malaysia’s Most Entrepreneurial Private University, there really is nowhere better for me to go to or look any further,” he said.

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