Pursuing postgraduate studies

30 Jan 2020 / 11:58 H.

DR DAVID TONG, head of Postgraduate Research Centre at the International University of Malaya-Wales (IUMW) shares his views and thoughts with theSun readers:

Why study a postgraduate programme at IUMW?

IUMW has a diverse postgraduate community, and we encourage applications from all walks of life. We offer a variety of postgraduate programmes in a range of disciplines including Arts, Business, and Science & Technology. Once you have decided which area you want to study, we will assign the right academic specialists to supervise you throughout your postgraduate journey. You can choose to pursue study full-time or part-time. Our fees for postgraduate courses are definitely competitive. Currently, we offer Dual Awards for the MBA programme, which is one and a half years. If you are not sure which programme to pursue, come and talk to us.

What are the benefits of Dual Awards?

Dual Awards open you up to more opportunities both locally and abroad. Our partner university, UWTSD, is an outstanding and well-established university in the United Kingdom (UK), making Dual Award students particularly competitive in the job market. Students can also attend the graduation ceremony in the UK, and can join the UWTSD Alumni Association upon graduating which is highly beneficial when it comes to international networking opportunities.

Why is postgraduate study important?

People pursue postgraduate studies for a number of different reasons. We have postgraduate students who continue on straight from their undergraduate degree and are looking to obtain the highest academic qualification they can, some are pursuing a lifelong interest, and others want to advance their career or are seeking a promotion. People have different perspectives, but a postgraduate qualification enables you to stand out, and shows you have commitment, dedication, and are willing to challenge yourself.

How can postgraduate studies boost your career or professional development?

Based on my experience, you can greatly extend your competencies and skills in research and in academic terms, as well as boost your professional membership affiliation. Perhaps most importantly, you can contribute your research findings back to society and to the academic world.

What opportunities are there to network/work with the industry?

Our students have ample opportunity to network with our postgraduate alumni. At IUMW, we also strongly encourage joint supervision with our academic staff and industry experts with PhD. This can be of significant benefit to new students who want to learn about theories and relate it to industry applications.

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