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MSU’s Postgraduate Biomedicine programme is crafted to fill the demand for skilled professionals

27 Oct 2020 / 11:44 H.

MANAGEMENT & SCIENCE UNIVERSITY (MSU) is a top international university focused on delivering quality human capital across national as well as global critical-need areas.

The professors hail from diverse multi-cultural backgrounds and the finest industry players, who are engaged in cutting edge research, the pursuit of unparalleled academic excellence and scientific innovation.

They have conducted high impact research and published thought-provoking academic papers across a broad range of business, industry and professional areas. They have worked in and taught at all levels of professional and industry platforms. They have also taught university-level business courses in diverse countries, thus bringing their rich multi-cultural heritage to our country.

The postgraduate programmes at MSU are carefully crafted to cultivate leadership and a real research contribution that address industrial hands-on challenges at the highest management level.

Due to the tremendous and exciting state of flux within business and management communities, top management must adapt rapidly to stay competitive, relevant and strategically positioned to tackle global trends by possessing the relevant postgraduate qualifications.

In tandem with the high demand for highly skilled and competent biomedical scientists, MSU through the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) is offering a PhD – by Research (Biomedicine), a Master in Science (by Research) Biomedicine and a Master in Biomedical Sciences.

Each of these programmes will provide students with skills necessary to contribute to research that explores the science of the human body and the causes of diseases that affect humankind.

In addition, this programme will give students the quality research training to enable them to conduct independent investigative research, allowing them to work closely with a supervisory team who will help them clarify their project and support their development.

The MSU’s PhD in Biomedicine aims to produce original and independent critical thinking that contributes to new knowledge in biomedicine. The programme curriculum will equip students with the background theory and technical knowledge relevant to biomedical research through a spectrum of research methodologies and critical analyses.

Whereas the MSU’s Master in Biomedicine programme is designed for students who have an interest in biomedical issues and who wish to develop technical laboratory skills related to modern cell and molecular biology. Throughout the programme, students will be engaged in independent medical research within the academic institution and the life-sciences industry. Tools include innovative and contemporary academic activities with extensive laboratory sessions.

The MSU’s Master in Biomedical Sciences is a coursework programme that aims to balance the theoretical with the practical in biomedical sciences. It offers more detailed focused knowledge with which students are required to carry out a laboratory-based research project and develop critical enquiries in pursuit of new research and effective communication of ideas and concepts.

The programme endeavours to provide opportunities for knowledge enhancement in specialised fields of biomedical science, as well as and produce holistic postgraduates capable of contributing to continuous development of biomedical science.

As part of the MSU’s Research Management Centre (RMC) and the MSU’s Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHLS), students will work alongside researchers at the leading edge of their field, and take advantage of MSU’s Industry Linkages unit well-established links with industry.

Advanced facilities, laboratories and technical support are well equipped to help students develop their knowledge of the subject through hands-on practical tasks and inter-professional working. MSU faculty members are highly active in research, with leading projects in a wide range of areas and interests, pushing the boundaries of interdisciplinary research.

Upon graduation, students have wide career options in the biomedical science fields, including in consultant roles, research and development, education, medical underwriter, and senior specialised laboratory manager. They may also consider a career as academicians, imparting their specialised knowledge at any tertiary institutions.

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