Golden delights

Go wild with choices and satiate your appetite for festive gold and glitter at Poh Kong

22 Jan 2019 / 16:30 H.

The Lunar New Year marks the start of the Spring Festival. It is a significant celebration, part and parcel of Chinese culture, celebrated by Chinese all over the world. According to Chinese astrology and the lunar calendar, we will soon bid farewell to the Year of the Dog and welcome the Year of the Pig.

As in all things anew, excitement and hope plus wealth and good fortune is anticipated. In the new year, it is tradition for the Chinese to make an effort to invite prosperity into their homes and lives. Appropriate decorations and embellishments of red and gold are popular during this time. With that, Poh Kong rings in the new year with a substantial assortment of “Golden Delights” in its 2019 Auspicious Collection.

Designs in the Blooming Happiness jewellery series offers a pendant and a matching ring depicting the pure lotus flower that presents an enduring classic, yet stylish appearance. Don these golden treasures and resonate in the aura of truth, goodness and beauty while enchanting onlookers and attracting good fortune.

The Gourds of Fortune series detail the peony floweret interpreted in a bangle-like choker necklace that pairs beautifully with peony-design tasseled earrings. Besides drawing attention with its intricate and sophisticated composition, the wearer will attract blessings and prosperity.

Charm bracelets are lovely to look at and lovelier to wear, especially with Poh Kong’s series of auspicious “mascots”. Choose from the Auspicious Boar, Abiding Wealth, Blessing of Fortune or Attracting Riches Ingot charms, or have one or a few of each on an attractive and auspicious red bangle. Alternatively, go for the 4 Treasures charm bracelet that features four hanging charms that include the Urn of Wealth, Plate of Riches, Pixiu and Key of Prosperity.

Keys are symbols of power to lock or unlock, representing freedom or restraint. In Poh Kong’s 2019 Auspicious Collection, key pendants come in two captivating designs. The Key of Prosperity is believed to enable the wearer to unlock riches and gain wealth while the Key of Bliss depicts a popular knot design said to allow the wearer to break human bondage and receive benefit from benefactors.

Poh Kong’s Prosperity Pixiu Series offers a Flourishing Pixiu Pendant and a Flourishing Pixiu Ring. When worn or placed in specific feng shui positions, these elements are said to be able to attract good energy, wealth, riches and blessings, as well as ward off the untoward.

In the Wealth & Prosperity Series is the Prosperity Dragon Ring that carries elements that epitomise wealth and prosperity. Bold in look, the design is meticulously crafted after the revered dragon, prominent in Chinese culture symbolising success and security/ protection. Alternatively, check out the Fortune & Prosperity Ring which features the wealth-attracting citrine with ancient coins, embodying possession of wealth and abundance of fortune.

In the Auspicious Boar Series is a charm designed from ancient coins that make a perfectly round pig, ideal this Chinese New Year. There’s also the Auspicious Board Pendant and an interesting 6 Ancient Chinese Coins Bracelet which coins represent a smooth and carefree transition towards a worry-free new year.

There are more pendants to choose from with the Harmonious Blessings Pendant and Prosperous Blessings Pendant - the former revealing an apple holding a pig, and the latter, a tangerine hugging a pig. Both signify calamities which can be transformed into blessings. Additionally, there are more boar and pig pendant designs - Abundance of Treasures, Abundance of Wisdom, Rising Ambitions, Overflowing Harmony - each perfect to commemorate this year’s Chinese zodiac.

Those with a penchant for the abacus which symbolise hope and welcomes wealth will find favour with the Abacus of Prosperity Series. A Ruyi Abacus pendant and ring make a perfect match and accessory to an outfit.

Spring into the new year with all these gorgeous designs of gold from Poh Kong, available at all its outlets. For more information, visit

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