Honour the folks and celebrate with family at Esquire Kitchen

29 Apr 2019 / 13:14 H.

These days, with our busy lifestyles and hectic schedules that sometimes see us globe trotting and living out of a suitcase, it takes an occasion for families to sit down together to a meal. With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day just around the corner, these make two perfect reasons to gather the folks, siblings and children. Adding exuberance and joy to the two occasions is Esquire Kitchen, known for its Shanghai and Sze Chuan specialities. Honour mum and dad over the specially concocted menu in celebration of Parents Day.

A sumptuous set of dishes have been put together by the hands and heads that plan and prepare the food. From May 1 to June 16, customers and families celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are warmly welcomed to the cosy premises of Esquire Kitchen outlets. Savour the Parents Day full menu at RM268 nett or choice of four selected dishes at RM198 nett. Customers who foot the bill using their Public Bank Debit or Credit card will receive complimentary dessert (terms and conditions apply).

Best make your bookings early considering the impressive and mouth-watering menu.

Special Esquire Platter

This new mixed platter, introduced in 2019, offers a variety of five lip-smacking starters cooked to perfection comprising Jelly Fish with Thai Sauce; Steamed Crab Stick Rolls; Chinese Herbal Dumplings; Unity Roll; and Deep Fried Wantons.

Deep Fried Kam Fong Fish with

Assam Sauce

While the fish is deep fried to a crispy golden brown on the outside, tender and cooked just right on the inside, the sauce is said to be the highlight. The sourness of the Tamarind used in the recipe gives a tangy taste to the spicy gravy that goes very well with the fish, and just perfect on hot steaming rice. If the flavour does not call for seconds, the fragrant dish will.

Braised Pork Leg with Peanuts

A dish that brings back memories of mum’s or grandma’s recipe and home-cooked signature dishes; this one is braised to a succulent tenderness. Moreover, the soft peanuts in the gravy add texture and flavour to every juicy bite. If you’re not drooling yet, go further down the menu.

Sauteed Prawns with Superior

Soy Sauce

The type of soy sauce makes a huge difference to a dish. In this case, Esquire Kitchen uses a “Superior” soy sauce unlike any other. When having this dish, you can forget about the cutlery as the delicious prawns, although seasoned with the “secret” sauce, still peculiarly retain its natural flavour, and is delectable.

Stir Fried Beancurd with Leek

An easy-to-enjoy dish that goes well with most families and alleviates the guilt, being vegetable based. Deep fried beancurd is stir fried with leek and a sauce mix to offer, in the words of Esquire Kitchen, “a typically Chinese home-cooked dish”.

Braised Double Mushroom

with Broccoli

Another vegetable dish suitable to the herbivorous kind - this one offers succulence and flavour, pleasing the palate, visual and olfactory senses. Using the slow-cook method, the braised fleshy mushrooms are juicy with the taste of the ingredients while the broccoli offers crunch and adds oomph and a smoky, appetising aroma.

Visit esquirekitchen.com for more information and outlet locations.

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