Small things make a big difference

Cherish fathers with a gift of love

30 May 2019 / 11:04 H.

ANY man can father a child, but to be a dad is a lifetime commitment. Fathers have an influence on our lives which cannot be replaced by another. They also play an important role that helps shape us into the person we become.

It is fitting then that Father’s Day is celebrated around the world every year to pay tribute to the man who has made a huge impact on our life. On this special day, many children will invariably choose to take their fathers out for expensive meals and lavish them with gifts.

Although it is important to cherish your father for his love and commitment, pampering him with food and presents should not be the only way to show him your love and gratitude.

As our fathers age, the time we spend together and the moments shared will mean more to him than any expensive gift or grand gesture. Why not play a game of chess with him or make him his favourite home-cooked meal and see how the small things that you take for granted make a big difference to him?

This Father’s Day, let’s treasure every moment spent with our fathers as no bond is more precious than the love between a parent and child. By creating small but meaningful LIVE GREAT moments with our fathers, we can help make his life great in his golden years.

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After all, what could be a more meaningful gift for the man who means so much to you than the gift of a lifetime without worry?

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