The many ‘sides’ of gifts and giving

06 Dec 2018 / 13:34 H.

It all started according to what took place, played out in the Nativity play often showcased in churches, at Christmas, enacting the birth of Jesus. According to Christian belief, three Wisemen visited the newbown baby bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. But it was not until the 18th century that the giving of gifts during Christmas became tradition. According to research, it is a reminder of Jesus’ journey and God’s selfless gift to humanity. Buying gifts for others is also said to help those who were unfortunate - as an expression of kindness, ingenuity and merriment.

During this time of giving, here are some ideas how you can “gift” others, in different ways.

1) Give someone a “surprise gift” - someone who wouldn’t expect a gift from you, better still, remain anonymous and watch the smile on the receiver’s face from “afar”.

2) Give a gift of “service” where you can do something nice for someone - brighten their day or simply take their burden off them in some way.

3) Randomly take a homeless person on the street for a hot and hearty meal. Or if you wish, invite them to join your family for your Christmas get-together.

4) Share Christmas love, joy and goodies with the elderly or orphans. There are many centres that house the neglected.

5) And lastly, as the saying goes - “Home is where the heart is” and family is important - don’t forget to make amends and heal wounded relationships before the hype of the festivities.

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