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06 Mar 2019 / 12:20 H.

NOW here’s an advertorial of a different “KHIND”; you could say that KHIND has been making life “quite a breeze” (somewhat literally) for Malaysians, as it offers more than just products, fans included.

With its staying power of over 56 years (and counting), the brand has made its mark as a household name, over the past half century developing and manufacturing a wide variety of fans, general and industrial, and offering a variety of innovative indoor air-quality products that cater to every domestic need.

Bringing pleasure and comfort to peoples’ lives and some “walk on air” moments (in a sense) with its array of fans, this write-up introduces an array of KHIND’s general fans.

Sleek in design in the KHIND Tower Fan FD301R which comes with a soft-touch control panel and remote control. With an oscillation range of about 50 degrees; it come in three-speed setting, three-mode selection and has an eight-hour timer. To take note is its motor overheat protection safety feature and a detachable air-filter for easy cleaning. The KHIND Tower Fan FD401Ron the other hand, at 53.2cm in height, is somewhat versatile as it can be placed horizontally or vertically, and offers four modes - normal, natural, sleep and eco.

KHIND’s range of air-moving products include air coolers. One such is the KHIND Evaporative Air Cooler EAC200 a 20-litre capacity “wanna-have” that makes open spaces like balconies, patios and terraces a lot comfier and cooler. With its 15sqm to 25sqm “range of coverage”, these areas are not just cooler, it’s cleaner too as the thingamajig works as an ionizer too. The remote control allows for vertical and horizontal swing, along with a range of other characteristics and controls. Best of all, it comes with a two-year warranty and outdoor service. Under KHIND’s air cooler compact model series are the AC600 and AC400 each with a 6-litre and 4-litre water tank capacity, and area reach of 10sqm and 15sqm, respectively.

Mist fans are all the rage. While the KHIND Mist Fan MF161 offers an easy-to-use control panel, a 90 degree horizontal oscillation, and individual wind speed and mist volume control; the KHIND Mist Fan MF160R comes with a digital LED control panel, remote control, room temperature indicator, timer setting, eight-speed control and four-mode selection. Both a re ideal in dry and hot climates; are slim and stylish in design; and are powered by the energy-saving brushless DC motor. The mist function for both models can be operated independently, with or without the fan.

Last but not least is the KHIND Stand Air Circulator JAC91RN which cuts the contemporary look. Moreover, its characteristic features are many and include vertical tiltable setting between 0 to 90 degrees; adjustable height spanning 55cm to 62.5cm; eight-wind speed control; eco smart function; five-mode selection - summer, spring, winter, natural, sleep; adjustable timer settings along with pre-set timer functions; as well as temperature sensor to adjust fan speed for optimum air quality.

A more compact model is found in the KHIND Air Circulator JAC81R offering three tiltable setting options, has a built-in ionizer and aroma diffuser. Both models are powered by the DC motor, are convenient and portable, providing better air quality, more comfort, constant air temperature, and offer a two-year warranty.

KHIND products are available t major retail outlets. For more information, log on to or call KL/Selangor (03-7839 2001), Penang (04-537 2803), Perak (05-541 7520), Malacca (06-281 5717), Johore (07-355 8991), Pahang (09-568 9711) or Kelantan (09-744 8900). You can also purchase them online at

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