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08 May 2019 / 17:59 H.

IT’S no secret that we all love fried food but try best to stave off it due to maintain our health. But KHIND presents the Multi Air Fryer Oven ARF9500, a must-have for every household as it allows us to enjoy fried foods minus the guilt and excess oil.

Especially during the Ramadhan fasting period where many are preparing for the Hari Raya celebration that calls for festive feasting and family reunions - the KHIND Multi Air Fryer Oven ARF9500 comes in ideally when cooking for the festive occasion. From satay to fried chicken and fish, to cookies, cakes and kueh Raya, here’s to less oil in fried foods and happier moments to enjoy at the “makan table”.

The KHIND Multi Air Fryer Oven ARF9500 also has six smart programmable pre-set functions. From a toaster, dehydrator, oven and deep-fryer, it functions using high-speed air circulation technology, where heat is dispensed evenly within the extra-large 9.5L inner chamber. Together with two high-quality, rust-free SUS304 stainless steel mesh frying baskets, a grill rack, rotisserie basket, rotisserie spit, rotisserie spit handle and crumb tray - there is so much one can cook, large or small portions, and with great ease and convenience.

Enjoy experimenting with the KHIND Multi Air Fryer Oven ARF9500 now before the celebrations begin. Here’s a tip from KHIND:

Rendang is a signature dish during Hari Raya and a must-have for most festivals here. If and when there is left-over rendang, instead of having the same dish over the next few meals or days, convert it into a fusion delight by using it as filling in between lasagna sheets with bechamel sauce and cheese. Bake it using the KHIND Multi Air Fryer Over ARF9500 for just 25 minutes and voila! you have Rendang Lasagna.

The Khind Multi Air Fryer Oven ARF9500 is available at major retail outlets. Visit or call KL/Selangor 03-7839 2001; Penang 04-537 2803; Perak 05-541 7520; Malacca 06-281 5717; Johor 07-355 8991; Pahang 09-515 9711; or Kelantan 09-744 8900; for online purchase, visit

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