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13 Nov 2018 / 16:58 H.

DOUBLE-boiling is said to be the best cooking method for retaining the ingredients’ original flavours and nutrients.

Food is cooked in a pot, which is then placed inside another pot that is partially filled with water.

The water in the outer pot heats up the food in the inner pot.

This indirect heating method allows for a simmering heat which helps to infuse flavour into the food and retains its nutrients.

It also ensures food is not heated to over 100˚C and become overcooked or scorched.

The double-boiler series from Khind’s Anshin Health Collection is easy to use, multi-functional and healthful.

They are suitable for all families to cook a simple but healthy meal.

The Khind Anshin Double Boilers use high quality food grade ceramic pots in compliance with US Food & Drug Administration, with consumers’ health being the brand’s utmost priority.

The double boilers come in three models.

The DB 181 model is a small and handy device, suitable for singles, couples, or small families.

The DB 601 has a bigger capacity pot (up to 3.2L) and comes with unique U-shaped ceramic pot lid to prevent water from diffusing into the food, allowing it to retain its original flavour and nutrients.

The third model, DB 18S, comes with a stainless steel outer pot with a glass lid which can be used to stew soup, without using the inner ceramic pot.

The models feature fully-automated pre-set menus, together with its programmable cooking timer and delay cooking time.

They also have a built-in boil dry protection. Just set the cooking time and leave it to run, without having to worry about overheating, making these double boilers the ultimate cooking hero to the elderly, working adults and even homemakers.

With the Anshin Double Boilers, nutritional food recipes using Chinese herbs, bird nest and fish maw, or intense cooking recipes using meat, bones and tendon, as well as cooking soup, porridge, rice, set meals, and even yoghurt, are all just the touch of a button away.

All Anshin Double Boilers come with a large ceramic inner pot and three small ceramic inner pots (except DB 181). All come with a two-year warranty, which excludes the ceramic pots.

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