A bike for every need

03 Nov 2020 / 11:23 H.

With sales booming nearly everywhere, you may have noticed cargo bikes becoming a growing trend in urban centres. Whether for carrying people or goods, there are options out there to suit all kinds of needs.

Family transportation

Popular with city dwellers who want a pollution-free way to get around town (while also saving money), a cargo bike is a simple means of transportation for families. One or several children can sit in the box of a front-loading cargo bike – or at the back of a longtail bike – while an adult pedals everyone from A to B. That could, for example, be practical for the school run, so long as you don’t have too far to go. Even pets could hop aboard some models.

Best options: For this kind of use, it’s worth investing in a longtail cargo bike, a kind of elongated bike with room for two kids on the back. Alternatively, look for a “Long John” – a two-wheeled cargo bike with a cargo box at the front.

Carrying shopping

As well as ferrying around the kids, a cargo bike can also be used to transport goods. In fact, some models can carry up to 100kg! That should be enough to cover your weekly grocery shop, or other purchases like DIY equipment. With this kind of bike, you’ll no longer need to get in the car to go to your local supermarket.

Best options: A two-wheeled cargo bike is just the job for carrying groceries (and more) in the front-mounted cargo box.

Mobile businesses

A cargo bike could also be turned into a versatile basis for a business, from selling drinks or ice creams to delivering flowers. In fact, cargo bikes are being put to use by major chains and small-scale entrepreneurs alike, as a cost-effective and flexible solution. A cargo bike makes it a lot easier to bring your business to any street corner – or wherever it’s needed – than with a bigger vehicle like a van.

Best options: This time it could be worth looking into cargo trikes. These three-wheelers have a front loading cargo platform that can be customised to suit your business activity. – AFP-Relaxnews

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