Protect yourself from mosquitoes with Khind

08 Aug 2019 / 11:52 H.

ACCORDING to data from the health ministry, the number of reported dengue cases from January to July 13 this year amount to 68,950, an increase of 90.5% compared to the same period the year before. These figures are expected to increase due to the change in global climate and more recent dengue strains. We can blame the Aedes mosquitoe and organisational bodies for the lack in prevention and control measures but what are we doing about it ourselves? What proactive approach can we take?

Some may cover their windows and doors with mosquito-proof netting or use mosquito repellents such as mosquito coils and sprays to drive mosquitoes away. Others may choose to eliminate the breeding grounds of mosquitoes or destroy their larvae to stagnate mosquito population. These methods may help in reducing mosquitoes in numbers but it is certainly not an immediate solution in eliminating them.

Khind has a suggestion - the IK365. The reputable brand for electronic and electrical home appliances in Malaysia introduces a new “insect killer” to help combat Aedes. It’s no bot-swatting invention, instead a device made to attract pesky mosquitoes via an ultraviolet light with a wavelength range of between 350 and 370nm. The IK365 effectively kills mosquitoes on contact with the high voltage grid.

The energy-saving device only uses 5W of power when in operation and features a fire-resistant and finger-proof casing. There’s no worry for adults or children in getting electrocuted and no hassle when it comes to cleanliness with the collector tray and small cleaning brush installed in the design.

Just place the device one metre above ground; turn the switch on for two hours in the space you intend to occupy; sit 10 feet away from the device so as not to distract the mosquitoes; then watch it work. The IK365 covers an area measuring 18m2. More units are recommended for larger spaces and mosquito prone areas. The device is non-chemical based, non-toxic, emits no radiation, and is ultra quiet in operation. It’s the perfect remedy for an undisturbed sleep, in terms of mozzies, and is 100% safe for humans and pets, plus it’s environmental friendly.

Khind’s insect killer, the IK365, comes with a one-year warranty and is available at major retail outlets. It can also be purchased via Visit or call 1800-88-0032 for more information on the wide variety of Khind home appliances for smoother, easier lives.


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