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31 Oct 2019 / 13:59 H.

RICH in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, MF3 PE Softgels Advanced Formula (PE Softgels AF) promotes healthier skin, with a capsule a day going a long way.

Its wide range of benefits include increasing energy levels and stamina; and strengthening the body’s health.

The ingredients aren’t the only thing about these softgels. The special double-enteric capsule itself is designed with MF3’s own technology allowing all that goodness to be delivered directly to the small intestine for optimal absorption and benefit.

Loyal consumers have also vouched for the effectiveness of this product, saying it has improved the health of their skin and overall wellbeing.

Toh Mei Lee (pix), 37, a homemaker from Johor said her skin has become more lustrous after she started taking PE Softgels AF. “After three weeks of consuming the softgels, my skin has become brighter and smoother. I was so surprised. I will continue to use it and introduce my friends to it as well.”

Pang Kian Ming, 54, an audit officer from Sabah said the PE Softgels AF has made his skin softer and improved his stamina. “I have become more energetic, my appetite is excellent and I feel and look young.”

MF3 began its proud history in Switzerland. It has many certificates of recognition and accreditation from authorities worldwide, reflecting its commitment in assuring high quality and safety in all its products. The many international awards it received in Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific are a testament to its constant innovation and quality assurance.

With its tradition of development and innovation, MF3 has cemented its role in the global supplements industry for over two decades, delivering trust and life changing rejuvenation to users around the world, including here in Malaysia.

Find your closest MF3 authorised dealer and try the PE Softgels yourself today. This article is brought to you by NXG Global Sdn Bhd For more information, call 017-802 9133 or email:

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