The benefits of MF3 VP Softgels health supplements

03 Mar 2020 / 10:52 H.

MF3 VP SOFTGELS is a breakthrough in botanical innovation. This daily nutritional supplement is packed with quality grade Phyto-cellular extracts.

The extracts are produced using Cold Pro Proteolytic Enzyme Technology – a proprietary cell isolation and extraction technology. This no-heat processing helps retain the therapeutic potential of the placenta and its cellular materials.

The high antioxidative combination encapsulated in the MF3 VP Softgels, which includes Vitamin C and Coenzyme Q10, results in strong health-promoting effects.

The MF3 VP Softgels capsule shell is also derived from plants. Its special double-enteric coating is strengthened with MF3’s technology to deliver the bioactive ingredients to the small intestine, ensuring optimal absorption for maximum rejuvenation.

MF3 VP Softgels is clinically tested to have zero traces of animal or synthetic derivatives, making it vegetarian-friendly.

MF3 began its proud history in Switzerland in 1991. The VP Softgels became one of the forerunners of supplements in the market, and captured worldwide fans for delivering high-quality results. It is now one of the world’s largest provider of supplements.

The product has many certificates of recognition and accreditation from authorities worldwide, reflecting its commitment to assuring high quality and safety in all products.

It also received several international awards recognising the company’s constant innovation and quality assurance.

MF3’s hallmark tradition of development and innovation is reflected in its role in the global supplement industry over the past two decades, delivering trust and life-changing rejuvenation to consumers worldwide.

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