The better skin serum

MAINTAINING healthy and beautiful skin can be a challenge, especially when we are constantly exposed to pollution and UV rays. However, with the right care and attention, our skin can look and feel its best.

The Placenta 3R Serum by MF3 is a topical serum enriched with placental extract, fruit cell cultured extract and hyaluronan, and these ingredients act to support the renewal, repairing and restoring of skin. The placenta therapy content in the serum also increases skin hydration and promotes collagen production as well as skin elasticity for that healthy glow.

There are also other essential steps we can take to keep our skin healthy. Washing our face twice a day, and not forgetting to properly remove any make-up on our face especially before going to bed is one of the simplest and most crucial thing we can do to keep our skin healthy.

Besides that, applying moisturiser that is suitable to our skin type after cleansing also helps to keep our skin hydrated. And speaking of hydration, we should also drink plenty of water to keep our insides hydrated and refreshed.

Finally, they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing, which is why eight hours a night is the recommended sleep time for adults.

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