WITH a higher concentration formula, the MF3 Caviar Marine 3R Serum possesses the benefits and goodness of the sea. It is a serum enriched with caviar peptides to support skin hydration, firmness, and skin regeneration.

Caviar is an active ingredient that is rich in amino acids, fatty omega acids, vitamins and minerals. In addition, the serum doubled-down on Hyaluronan and Malus domestica extract, further cementing its prowess in hydration and its anti-ageing effects, promoting optimal results for soft, supple, radiant skin to achieve unparalleled beauty.

Caviar Marine

This extract is one of the finest anti-ageing ingredients that the ocean can offer. It is high in amino and omega fatty acids that deliver what the consumers want – youthful, fresh, and firmer skin.

Malus Domestica Extract

An ingredient obtained from apple stem cells, it helps with the vitality and longevity of the skin cells. It also protects the skin from UVA and UVB damage, and helps to maintain that youthful look.


A key ingredient that is essential for the skin for rejuvenation and hydration as it holds moisture and makes the skin softer, smoother, and glowing.

The MF3 Caviar Marine 3R Serum is most suitable for:

– Dry/dehydrated skin

– Wrinkled skin with fine lines

– Skin exposed to environmental pollution /constant usage of cosmetic products

– Sagging skin

Simply apply on dry, clean face and neck before applying moisturiser for optimal serum absorption.

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