BERLIN: Police said Wednesday that a 15-year-old from Berlin has been pronounced brain-dead after a brawl at an international youth football tournament in Frankfurt, reported German news agency (dpa).

On Sunday, after the final whistle of a match in the Eckenheim district, a fight broke out between players of a French and Berlin team. A 16-year-old player of the French team allegedly hit a Berlin player on the head or neck.

The 15-year-old collapsed and had to be resuscitated. He suffered serious and life-threatening brain injuries.

The alleged perpetrator was arrested and remanded on Tuesday. Police are looking for witnesses. Videos and photos can be sent to the police online or uploaded on a special page.

The organisers of the Germany Cup tournament were investigating the incident, a statement on its website said.

“We are deeply shocked by the events. It is unbelievably sad. We are devastated. The violence on football grounds must end. Our thoughts are with the player’s teammates and parents.”

FC Metz wrote on its homepage that the accused young player, who is part of the club’s performance programme, denied having intentionally injured the other teenager.

The club, as well as players and parents present, were helping German authorities with the investigation, FC Metz said. - Bernama