NEW DELHI: The Delhi Police Special Cell said they have arrested six people who were planning to organise a series of terrorist attacks in a number of Indian cities, reported Xinhua.

“The Delhi Police Special Cell received credible information from the central agency that a number of organisations, sponsored by Pakistan, are planning to detonate a number of explosive devices in India. For this, the group prepared some improvised explosive devices from overseas resources and is in an advanced preparation stage,“ the police said in a statement.

A spokesman for the police, Neeraj Thankur, said that one of the suspects was arrested in the state of Rajasthan, three in the state of Uttar Pradesh, and two were caught in Delhi.

The police found the suspects to be in the possessions of two hand grenades, two pounds of RDX (a compound widely used as an explosive) and an Italian-made gun.

During questioning, two of the suspects confessed to having received firearms training in Pakistan.

Bilateral relations between India and Pakistan hit a new low in 2019 after the Indian government stripped the Jammu and Kashmir state of its special status and broke it up into two union territories under direct rule of New Delhi. Pakistan responded by expelling the Indian ambassador and halting bilateral trade.

In February 2021, both countries issued a joint statement indicating that they both agree to stop firing at one another at the disputed Line of Control border in Kashmir. — Bernama