NEW DELHI: Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has blamed the world’s top carbon-producing industrialised nations for the unprecedented flood disaster in Pakistan.

“Let’s be clear: the Pakistani people did not do this to Pakistan -- we all did, and the high-emitting nations are most responsible,“ Bainimarama said in a tweet on Tuesday as he highlighted the dangers of global greenhouse gas emissions.

“Unless we end our species’ addiction to fossil fuels, every country in the world will remain in the crosshairs of the climate breakdown,“ he added.

Pakistan, like Fiji, is among the lowest contributors to global carbon emissions, yet remains highly vulnerable to climate change.

Pakistan has about 7,500 glaciers and rising global temperatures are causing them to rapidly melt.

“Climate change is causing our glaciers to melt faster and our rivers are drying up. If we do not save our rivers, our country will be in drought by the year 2025,“ the country’s Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman said in a documentary released in June this year. - Bernama