Pyongyang summit deal shpuld be fulfilled, Moon says in aniversary message

19 Sep 2020 / 09:33 H.

SEOUL: South Korean President Moon Jae In (pix) said on Saturday that his Pyongyang summit accord with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un should be implemented despite restraints at home and abroad, marking the second anniversary of its signing.

He stressed that Seoul’s commitment to peace remains firm, while the agreement has not been fulfilled speedily due to “internal and external restraints”, Yonhap news agency reported

In a message posted on Facebook, the president recalled his historic speech in front of 150,000 Pyongyang citizens at May Day Stadium in the North’s capital two years ago.

“Together with Chairman Kim Jong Un, I declared denuclearisation and peace on the Korean Peninsula,“ he wrote.

A “concrete and practical” agreement was reached in the military field, which has led to the demilitarisation of Panmunjom, a truce village and excavation of remains on Arrowhead Hill, a key battlefield during the 1950-53 Korean War, he added.

“There has since been not a single armed clash between South and North,“ Moon noted. “It’s very valuable progress, which would have been impossible without the wish of the people desiring peace and the international community’s support.”

But the “clock” of such a peace move has stopped, with the summit deal not being implemented fast due to a failure to move beyond “internal and external restraints,“ he wrote.

Nonetheless, he emphasised, “Our commitment to peace is firm. The Sept 19 South-North agreement should be implemented without fail.”

A “seed sown in history” is certain to bear fruit no matter when or how, he added.-Bernama

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