Reuters Odd News Summary

14 Jan 2021 / 20:59 H.

    Following is a summary of current odd news briefs.

    Instagram influencers are a vaccine priority in wary Indonesia

    Among the first in the queue for coronavirus vaccines in Indonesia has been one conspicuous group - social media influencers. Alongside President Joko Widodo as the world's fourth most populous country kicked off its vaccination drive on Wednesday was Indonesian television personality, Raffi Ahmad, who boasts almost 50 million followers on Instagram.

    Overcoming the 'yuck factor': Yellow grub becomes EU's first insect food

    Mealworms may soon find their into Europe's pasta bowls and dinner dishes, after becoming the first insect approved in the region as a human food. Wednesday's decision by the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) paves the way for the yellow grubs to be used whole and dried in curries and other recipes and as a flour to make biscuits, pasta and bread.

    'I'm alive,' says Frenchwoman fighting official ruling that she died

    Sitting in her kitchen in France, Jeanne Pouchain remembers the day she discovered that she was dead. It was when she read an official letter from the court of appeal in the nearby city of Lyon stating that she had died and asking her relatives to pay money she was alleged to have owed.

    Welcome to Brexit - now hand us your sandwich

    Britons arriving in the Netherlands since the start of the year have found that leaving the European Union might have cost them more than they realised, including their lunch. Ferry passengers have had ham sandwiches and tinned sardines confiscated by customs officials at Dutch ports, due to strict rules on the import of meat, fruit, vegetables and fish from outside the EU.

    South Korean firm's smart dog collar tells owners what's in a bark

    A South Korean startup has developed an AI-powered dog collar that can detect five emotions in canines by monitoring their barks using voice recognition technology. The Petpuls collar can tell pet owners through a smartphone application if their dogs are happy, relaxed, anxious, angry or sad. It also tracks dogs' physical activity and rest.

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