Reuters US Domestic News Summary

14 Jan 2021 / 20:59 H.

    Following is a summary of current US domestic news briefs.

    Pelosi wants fines for U.S. lawmakers who don't comply with firearms screening

    U.S House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday she wants fines of up to $10,000 for lawmakers who refuse to be screened for firearms at entrances to the House of Representatives, following the Jan. 6 violent attack on the Capitol by pro-Trump rioters. Metal detectors were erected at entrances to the House floor on Tuesday evening as members were debating whether Trump should be removed from office over the assault on the Capitol, which sent lawmakers into hiding and left five people dead. Several Republicans were seen going around the detectors or loudly complaining about their use to the Capitol police.

    Republican Party faces rage from both pro- and anti-Trump voters

    After riots at the U.S. Capitol by President Donald Trump's supporters, the Republican Party is facing defections from two camps of voters it can't afford to lose: those saying Trump and his allies went too far in contesting the election of Democrat Joe Biden - and those saying they didn't go far enough, according to new polling and interviews with two dozen voters. Paul Foster - a 65-year-old house painter in Ellsworth, Maine - is furious at party leaders for refusing to back the president's claims that the election was stolen with millions of fraudulent votes. "The party is going to be totally broken" if it abandons Trump, Foster says, predicting Trump loyalists will spin off into a new third party.

    Former presidential contender Andrew Yang to run for New York mayor

    Former 2020 U.S. presidential contender Andrew Yang on Wednesday said he will run for mayor of New York City as a Democrat in this year's elections. Yang built an ardent grassroots following in attempt to become the Democratic Party's nominee for the presidency last year with a pledge to create a universal basic income that would pay every American $1,000 a month.

    Off-duty cops, other officials face reckoning after rallying for Trump in D.C

    As rioters scaled scaffolding outside the U.S. Capitol, Roxanne Mathai held up her cell phone to record the sea of supporters of President Donald Trump storming America's bastion of democracy. "We're going in," said the 46-year-old Texas jailer, "tear gas and all."

    Bitter Senate impeachment trial of Trump could bog down Biden's first days

    The second impeachment of President Donald Trump by the U.S. House of Representatives, for inciting last week's deadly rampage at the Capitol, could set off a bitter Senate fight that entangles the early days of President-elect Joe Biden's term. Trump became the first president in U.S. history to be impeached twice when the House voted 232-197 on Wednesday to charge him with inciting the riot. Ten of Trump's fellow Republicans joined Democrats in approving the article of impeachment.

    U.S. stands by Taiwan, envoy says after cancelled trip

    The United States stands by Taiwan and always will, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft said following a call with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, who told her the island would continue to seek access to U.N. meetings. Craft had planned to visit Taipei this week, in the teeth of strong objections from China which views the island as its own territory.

    Impeachment or the 14th Amendment: Can Trump be barred from future office?

    Some U.S. lawmakers have said President Donald Trump should be disqualified from holding political office again following his impeachment on Wednesday for inciting a mob that stormed the Capitol as lawmakers were certifying President-elect Joe Biden's victory. Now that the House has impeached Trump, the Senate will hold a trial on whether to remove him and possibly bar him from future office.

    Michigan's ex-governor charged in criminal probe of Flint water crisis

    Michigan's attorney general and a team of prosecutors were due on Thursday to unveil the full findings of a years-long criminal investigation into the crisis surrounding lead contamination of the drinking water system serving the city of Flint. Former Governor Rick Snyder was charged on Wednesday with two misdemeanor counts of willful neglect of duty for his role in a debacle that afflicted the predominantly African-American city and became emblematic of racial inequality in the United States.

    Exclusive: Trump considering lawyer who spoke at rally for impeachment defense - sources

    President Donald Trump may hire a law professor who spoke at his rally before the riot at the U.S. Capitol to help defend him in an impeachment trial over a charge that he incited the violence, according to two people familiar with the matter.

    John Eastman, who joined Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani on stage at the Jan. 6 rally, is being considered for a role on Trump's defense team, the people said.

    U.S. security forces probe threats, ramp up to prevent repeat of Capitol mayhem

    Overwhelmed during the deadly attack on Congress by President Donald Trump's supporters last week, U.S. security forces are mounting a national operation to thwart any violence before President-elect Joe Biden takes office. Federal and state officials are evaluating online threats and menacing messages to members of Congress and making sure the security operation has the force to repel an attack.

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