Turkish President to hold talks with Russian, Ukrainian leaders on ending conflict

ANKARA: Turkiye continues its efforts to solve the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (pix) said on Friday, adding that towards this end he will soon have talks with his counterparts on both sides of the conflict.

“In order to resolve this crisis, I will have talks with (Russian President Vladimir) Putin on Sunday. Likewise, there will be one with (Ukrainian President Volodymyr) Zelenskyy,“ Erdogan told the TRT World Forum in Istanbul, reported Anadolu Agency (AA).

Erdogan said Turkiye wants to further strengthen the grain corridor deal Turkiye helped forge this summer, which had been paused in February due to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

On July 22, Turkiye, the United Nations, Russia, and Ukraine signed a landmark agreement in Istanbul to resume grain exports from three Ukrainian Black Sea ports.

Days before its scheduled expiration, the landmark grain deal was extended for another 120 days, beginning Nov 19.

From the very beginning of the crisis, Erdogan further noted Turkiye carried out intense diplomacy with the principle that there will be no winners in the war, adding that Turkiye has pioneered peace diplomacy that will set an example for the world.

The TRT World Forum 2022, a two-day annual event, started in Istanbul on Friday, held by Turkish national broadcaster TRT.

The gathering, held this year under the theme “Mapping the Future: Uncertainties, Realities and Opportunities” brings together academics, journalists, intellectuals, politicians, and members of civil society from around the globe. - Bernama