Woman dies after getting four abortions in a year

A WOMAN has paid with her life for trying desperately to meet her husband's demands for a son. She died after terminating four pregnancies in a year .

The woman gave birth to a baby girl four years ago. After China did away with its one-child policy last year, her husband pressured her to have another child. He insisted on a boy.

However, each time that she became pregnant, it was with another girl. The four abortions took a toll on her health. He divorced her after she became seriously ill.

She used the 170,000 yuan (RM107,700) divorce settlement to seek treatment in Shanghai. However, doctors there were not able to save her life, China Youth Daily reported.

Her ex-husband didn't visit her when she was in hosipital for a month. The report said he was busy, spending his time buying a new car and preparing to marry another woman.

The woman's family carried her ashes to the man's house but he hid out at a neighbour's place until they were all gone.