A taste of country flavours

THE DATE that Country Barn Pub & Restaurant opened in USJ Sentral coincided with our 14th General Election. It was almost like an omen of a new beginning for owner-cum-cook Jeffrey Bhagwan.

Taiping-born Jeffrey worked in the automotive industry for decades, but always relished the idea of opening his own little restaurant cum pub.

He admitted that getting a permit to open a pub took a while, but he is happy with the location of Country Barn which is situated in a business area that attracts heavy traffic during working hours and after office hours.

Everything about the restaurant is Jeffrey’s brainchild, from the food to the woodsy decor (slightly reminiscent of Texas-themed bars) with its cozy bar and high stools and a sizable dining room.

There is even an area for a live band, a plan on hold for the moment due to the Fifa World Cup.

“I want the place to be known more as a dining place rather than a pub,” said Jeffrey, who learned how to cook from his uncle, as well as from watching TV shows, and surfing the internet.

Some of his signature dishes include King Gopal’s uppu curry, pork steak, chicken chop, pork burger and chicken burger.

Using his own spice blend and homemade sauces, Jeffrey’s food is not only distinctive but also delicious.

The uppu curry is his uncle’s take on the dish. This dry spicy curry gets its flavours from the gingerly oil and urad dhall (black gram), and can be enjoyed with bread or white rice, and goes very well with beer.

The pork burger comes with a 200g patty that is both tender and succulent. Topped with cheddar cheese, caramelised onions, lettuce, and pickled green chilli, this delicious burger is served with a homemade chilli sauce and classic fries on the side.

The chicken burger comes with a similar topping and is both succulent and tasty.

The pork steak and fried chicken fillet are both served with creamy and smooth mashed potatoes and vegetables as well as a homemade thick mushroom sauce or black pepper sauce.

Jeffrey said what he serves is essentially what he likes to eat and how he likes to eat it. So far, his customers have no complaints. Other items on the menu include chicken wings, fried rice, and fried meehoon.

By keeping things simple and fuss-free, Jeffrey has managed to maintain the quality of what he is serving.

For more, visit the Country Barn Pub & Restaurant website.