Movie Review - The Lego Batman Movie

14 Feb 2017 / 17:49 H.

THIS hilarious film is a great spin-off from The Lego Movie (2014), where one of the standout characters was an egoistical Batman (voiced by a gravelly Will Arnett).
Stands to reason that he deserved a movie of his own, and let’s just say that this is the best Batman film I have seen in a long time.
The movie spoofs everything about Batman, and also Lego itself. What’s not to like, when shoot-out scenes involve characters yelling “piu piu”?
It all begins with Batman aka Bruce Wayne saving Gotham City from The Joker (Zach Galifianakis) and other notable villains such as Bane, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Dr Freeze as well as made-up ones like Condiment Man, who all plan to blow up the city.
The Joker tells Batman that as his greatest nemesis, the two have a relationship, but Batman merely brushes that aside, causing The Joker to be deeply hurt.
As the movie progresses, we learn that Batman really has relationship issues, whether it be with his faithful butler Alfred (Ralph Fiennes), or Dick aka Robin (Michael Cera), an orphan he adopted.
The Joker and his fellow villains invade a party to introduce Gotham’s new Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon (Rozario Dawson), and to everyone’s surprise, the villains all turn themselves in.
Though Batman and Barbara are suspicious of his motives, Batman refuses her offer to work t­ogether.
However, he hits upon an idea to send The Joker to a prison in another ­dimension, and drags along Robin on a mission that ends up putting them all in more trouble.
The voice actors all do a ­wonderful job, especially Arnett. Look out for some popular villains from other films.
Watch the trailer here :

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