Expand use of AES

FIRST off, I’d like to congratulate the Pakatan Harapan government especially its minister of transport for sticking to the Automated Enforcement System...


Say no to patronage

PAKATAN Harapan rode to power in GE14 on a groundswell of disgust that Malaysians felt against the blatant scale of corruption. While PH targeted Najib...


Integrity is a basic value

WHEN I was studying for my LLB (Hons), a friend got 59 out of 60 for Constitutional Law. This made his grade a second lower class, and he just needed one...


Little time to lose

I WOULD like to express my deepest gratitude to the prime minister for appointing me to the newly constituted National Economic Action Council. I will...


Judiciary must be cleansed

THE judiciary had been in the doldrums for some decades now. The rot was there – very obvious – but there was no one to bell the cat, as it were.

Some astounding...


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