Keep motorcycles to the left

YEAR in and year out there have been road safety campaigns especially in urban centres identified as hotspots but the number of fatal accidents keeps rising....


Do I look Malaysian?

THE year ended a little sadly as I read about Divyang Hong, a guy of Chinese and Indian parentage, who was rejected from renting a room because the landlord...


Striving for true bilingualism

MALAYSIA needs to reaffirm a clear stand on bilingualism which was implemented as the MBM-MBI policy in 2010: Memartabatkan Bahasa Malaysia dan Memperkukuh...


Corruption by any name

SIXTY years of the Barisan Nasional’s dominance has helped breed corruption in the country.

The previous government failed to cleanse the nation of this...


Let the matter pass

THE spate of comments on the king’s abdication is normal, even human to the rakyat jolted out of their normal daily life.

Not everyone can put their words...


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