The single story

IN 1994, during the 100 day Rwandan massacre, the single story the world heard was of genocide. Every news feed on Rwanda was about the mass slaughter...


How our time is looted

AS our world is engorged digitally, we have been rendered physically far, from people, emotions, feelings and everything else that would depict us as humans....


We need bipartisanship

TWO notable personality traits of the late US President George H. W. Bush (Bush Sr) was his proclivity for doing what was right rather than politically...


The mythical social contract

WHEN the Prime Minister’s Office announced that the Pakatan Government will not ratify the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of...


The flip side of ICERD

THIS was perhaps Malaysia’s most eventful half week with the buildup to Saturday’s anti-ICERD Rally. In the middle of the week the prime Minister had despaired...


Little shame left

I TEND to generally agree with the prime minister’s comment on the unbridled state of corruption plaguing the nation.

However I can only rely on my childhood...


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