What a farce!

PROMINENT academician Dr Lim Swee Tin was recently reported as saying that the confusion about “jawi khat”‎ was largely because of a lack of understanding...


Review our crime indexes

THE study of crime focuses on its extent, fluctuations, trends, and contributing factors, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention. Statistical methods...


A man of courage

PAUL Findley one of the most remarkable Congressmen that the US House of Representatives had produced since the Second World War passed away on Aug 9....


Corruption and human rights

FOR the first time in our country’s history, the New Malaysia government has formulated a National Anti-Corruption Plan (NACP). It aims to eliminate all...


12MP: The Sophia factor

IN my youth, Sophia Loren was famous. The Italian movie star was admired not only for her beauty but also as an accomplished actress that took your breath...


Now everybody has a degree

THE most recent report from a global university ranking organisation provides some cheer with six of the nation’s public higher education institutions...


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