US threatens to bomb Iran

IS it just a coincidence that TV networks were re-running old Dirty Harry films just as a powerful US Naval armada and Air Force B-52 bombers was headed...


Better safe than sorry

WHY are many of our motorcyclists in a rush? This is the most worrying aspect of motorcycling culture in Malaysia compared to other countries that have...


Who are our teachers?

TOMORROW is Teachers Day. We all owe it to our teachers to be where we are now. To describe who are the teachers may not as easy. ‎But movies like To Sir...


Anti-retroviral therapy is key

I WOULD like to respond to the article posted on May 6 entitled “HIV positive without medication” which highlighted a patient’s new health regime without...


Towards shared prosperity

THE announcement by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad on the new economic model based on “shared prosperity” is much welcomed. It can be the common...


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