Movie Review: Earth: One Amazing Day

28 Nov 2017 / 14:03 H.

    THIS is BBC Earth Film's sequel to its popular 2007 film Earth, and it depicts the wonders of the natural world over the course of one day.
    Yes, this is a nature documentary, but it is a darn good one. In fact, it is way better than most of the movies I had to review recently.
    There are some pretty good action shots, a few nail-biting moments, some potential romance, and even high-speed chases.
    The way this documentary is presented allows us to view nature from different parts of the world, beginning from the moment the sun rises till it sets.
    Covering the different continents, this documentary film features several scenes that will just blow you away.
    Some of my personal favourites include watching cranes dance as the sun comes up, fast-moving snakes working together to hunt down a baby iguana (there is even a great escape in this one), and giant sperm whales taking a nap.
    Others include a sloth waking up from its slumber when it hears a female sloth and and swimming quite a distance to get to it, a mother zebra ­stopping a leopard from attacking her foal, cute pandas doing cute things, and a winner-takes-all fight ­between male giraffes.
    Included are some spectacular shots of insects and nocturnal creatures in all their splendour.
    Watching this will make you appreciate Nature in all her glory, and somehow, things stop being spectacular when humans come into the picture.
    Redford is a decent enough ­narrator, but someone like Sir David Attenborough or Morgan Freeman would have done ­better.
    It may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is worth a watch.

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