‘Easy Drive’ via BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia

17 Feb 2019 / 15:56 H.

BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia on Friday introduced Easy Drive, an innovative and flexible financing solution “to make Sheer Driving Pleasure more accessible”.

Company’s CEO and managing director Tobias Eismann said, “Our Mission is to Make Mobility Easy, Flexible and Affordable for everybody. With Easy Drive, customers can experience a new way of owning BMW or MINI – drive now, decide later.”

BMW Group Malaysia managing director Harald Hoelzl added: “We are always working towards identifying new trends early and translating them into practical applications.

“While the general trend today sees long-term car ownership, there is a growing population who seek to change cars every three to four years.”

Easy Drive

With Easy Drive, customers are given the ultimate freedom to define their financing journey.

To start, they get to choose a down payment between 10% to 30%.

They also get to decide a loan tenure of three or four years, as well as mileage options of either 20,000km or 25,000km annually.

Based on those, a monthly instalment will be calculated, and the Guaranteed Future Value of their car will be agreed and signed upon upfront to protect customers from unexpected depreciation.

The Guaranteed Future Value also serves as the value for the final payment.

At the end of the tenure, customers are given a wide range of settlement options. They can either:

- Trade in the car, and upgrade to the next BMW or MINI model of their choice;

- Return the car at the end of their tenure with no further obligations, worry-free from the reselling process;

- Settle the final payment, which can be paid in full, and call the car their own; or,

- Extend their contract term, to enjoy their car longer.

Easy Drive Prime

For an additional RM 110* to the monthly instalment, customers can choose to enjoy more value-added benefits that are essential for the driver and the vehicle with Easy Drive Prime.

They can enjoy two years of interior and exterior car care, a three-year coverage of the Ultimate Protection Programme Elite, a Premium Mobility package** which provides customers with a branded Smart Tag device with a Touch ‘n Go card, as well as BMW Lifestyle Collection.

The Ultimate Protection Programme Elite is underwritten by Allianz General Insurance Company, a first-of-its-kind insurance plan that covers both the driver and their vehicle for special relief, scratch and dent, compassionate flood cover and more***.

*Varies between brands and models.

**Premium Mobility Package is limited on a first-come-first-served basis.

***Refer to bottom pix for more coverage. Scratch and dent only applicable for first year.

$!‘Easy Drive’ via BMW Group Financial Services Malaysia

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