First Isuzu Elf Smoother gets down to work

08 Sep 2019 / 22:16 H.

WHEN the top-selling Isuzu Elf series gets fitted with its latest Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), it makes the lorry even more appealing with the convenience of driving without manual gear shifting and clutchless foot pedals for daily operations.

Other than the Isuzu Elf Series model’s proven reliability over the years, the AMT option has prompted first-time lorry buyer Foo Sek Wee, director of Tembikar Gemilang who operates a thriving commercial kitchenware business to purchase the very first Elf Smoother.

The Isuzu Light Duty Segment has long proven to be the darling of the transport industry, enjoying the distinction as Malaysia’s best-selling lorry line for the past nine consecutive years.

Its versatile payload configurations, dependable performance and low operating cost make it the ideal choice to support any industry’s transportation needs.

The Elf Smoother recently came with the option of factory-fitted AMT. This system allows the lorry to perform like it has an automatic transmission, but benefits from the vigour and response of a manual gearbox.

From left: Isuzu Malaysia chief operating officer (commercial vehicle division) Atsunori Murata, Nakamura and Foo.
From left: Isuzu Malaysia chief operating officer (commercial vehicle division) Atsunori Murata, Nakamura and Foo.

Delivering the first unit of the Elf Smoother NPR150 to Tembikar Gemilang was CEO of Isuzu Malaysia Koji Nakamura who remarked that the response to the Elf Smoother model has been very positive since the model launch two months ago.

“With the addition of AMT, the appeal of the Isuzu Elf range has increased significantly as it offers the fresh dimension of ease of driving and comfort that a fully manual transmission version will find difficult to beat,” he said.

In response, Foo agreed that the introduction of the Isuzu Elf Smoother variant was the deal clincher when he decided to purchase his company’s first lorry.

“Our company had been using multiple vans for deliveries in the past. As our business expanded to cover more regions, it was getting costly to run as it did not have the load capacity.

“I decided that we needed to improve our logistical capabilities and starting looking at buying a new lorry,” said Foo, who does much of the driving himself on visits to customers and suppliers.

Nakamura (left) presenting the Elf Smoother to Foo.
Nakamura (left) presenting the Elf Smoother to Foo.

“On one of my visits to a customer just before a long holiday, I was in the van for close to 24 hours due to the heavy traffic. It was such a torture and I told myself never again would I drive a vehicle with manual transmission.

“After doing some online research, I narrowed my choice to an Isuzu because it had a good reputation for reliable performance. Just then, Isuzu introduced the AMT so I contacted a dealer for a test drive.

“I was surprised at how quiet and comfortable it felt. I was able to have normal conversations and even listen to the radio. The Isuzu Elf Smoother shifts were smooth and very precise and there was ample power. I did not have to think twice and immediately placed a booking.”

The Elf Smoother – available at Isuzu’s nationwide network of authorised lorry dealers – is available in a few model variants and body configurations.

$!Foo in his new Isuzu Elf Smoother.
Foo in his new Isuzu Elf Smoother.

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