Petron power in Rainforest Challenge

06 Dec 2018 / 20:00 H.

PETRON returned to power one of the world’s top 10 toughest motor race off-road events, the Rainforest Challenge (RFC) Grand Finale in Malaysia recently, as the official fuel sponsor and engine oil partner.

Its fuels and lubricants were the lifeblood of more than 150 bulked-up, 4x4 vehicles participated by 300 off-road driving enthusiasts from 30 nations to compete against the odds in Malaysia’s dense tropical rainforest. The event started on Nov 24 and ended on Dec 4.

“This year, we introduced our engine oil Petron Rev-X Engine Oil to complement the Turbo Diesel Euro 5 in this legendary race for an even better performance and excellent engine-cleaning action,” said Petron head of retail business Choong Kum Choy.

“This partnership underscores our products’ superiority, which have been proven to be the best fuel-lubes match even for the most adventurous off-road race as well as for your daily journeys.”

He added that Petron Turbo Diesel Euro 5 is formulated to improve engine performance, ensure better fuel economy, and extend engine life.

“It has much lower sulphur content, 10 parts per million and is 50 times cleaner than Euro 2M diesel, helping reduce exhaust emissions and withstand the extreme heat of today’s fuel injection systems.

“Petron Rev-X Engine Oil protects the engine with Dynamic Cleaning Technology (DC Tech) to keep the engine clean for improved wear protection and smoother operations.”

RFC Malaysia was the final event from the RFC Global Series (RFCGS) which was a worldwide off-road racing circuit spanning 22 nations with 45 events.

This year, the route took participants from Kota Bahru, Tanah Merah, Kuala Krai and ending at Gua Musang – all in Kelantan.

Stages of the race were named Predator, Terminator and Twilight Zone which included navigating the endless steep downhills and uphills, crossing narrow bridges, tropical swamps, steered around the brown-red mud pools and cutting across a “mighty” river at Bering.

The event was flagged off on Dec 24 November at Dataran Redha, Kota Lama Kota Bharu, with local police cars escorting the racing convoy to Tumpat Pantai Sri Tujuh for their first overnight campsite.

The participants refuelled at the Petron service station in Belimbing, Tanah Merah before entering the challenge pitstops at Air Naga, Gua Harimau and Bering.

The teams entered the final stopover at Pos Gob pit stop – the deepest aborigines’ settlement in Kelantan that was the sixth campsite for the race.

The off-roaders then proceeded their journey for Kuala Betis and have their tanks refuelled for the last time at Petron service station in Gua Musang.

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