Amid political thriller, three Bersatu politicians post cryptic photo on Instagram

25 Feb 2020 / 07:41 H.

THE current political situation in Malaysia is tiring. We’re waiting for answers to know where our country is headed to politically, but as time passes, it seems like there are only more questions to ask.

And even if we do get some answers, the plot gets thicker than a M Night Shyamalan movie. Plus, we do know a whole lot of you are enjoying this - if you guys weren’t, there wouldn’t be a lot of these memes now would they. To add to that, we also quite a bit of you love speculating what’s gonna happen, secretly hoping you’re Malaysia’s political Nostradamus.

So let us give you something to speculate on.

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#kekalbersatu !!!

A post shared by Mukhriz Mahathir (@mukhrizmahathir) on

Mukhriz posted a picture recently amid this whole political fiasco. The photos show him, Syed Saddiq and Rina Harun sitting in what seems to be a kitchen.

There have been rumours going around stating that this trio might be quitting Bersatu - but they are just rumours after all.

Nevertheless, Mukhriz’s photo caption got us thinking.

He posted “#kekalbersatu”. So what do you guys think it means?

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