KUALA LUMPUR : Eight policemen were arrested in separate cases over the past three weeks for committing crimes, drug running and misconduct.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Commissioner Datuk Saiful Azly Kamaruddin said today that two policemen were held on Nov 25 for allegedly extorting RM1,000 from a motorist after accusing him of pimping foreign women.

In another case on Dec 7, three policemen, aged between 31 and 35, were arrested after they extorted RM10,000 from two men.

Saiful said the incident occurred after a short chase between the patrolmen and a car at Jalan Imbi.

He said two of four men in the car fled after the car pulled over and the other two were briefly held by the policemen until they were paid off.

Saiful said the case came to light after a videos of the alleged offence was sent to Dang Wangi police and the three patrolmen were promptly traced and arrested.

In a separate case on Dec 8, two policemen were among four suspects aged between 29 and 48 who were arrested in a hotel room in Brickfields for drug dealing.

Saiful said apart from seizing various drugs from them, police also found a bag belonging to a civilian that contained a pistol.

He said both the policemen and the civilians tested positive for drug abuse.

Saiful said police also took action against another policeman who was absent from duty without official leave for 24 days in a row.

“We will not compromise and will take stern action against police personnel who are wayward and break the law,“ he said.