(Video) OKU man beaten up, racially abused after allegedly stepping on holy book

15 Feb 2020 / 16:57 H.

A MAN was beaten up, and racially abused after allegedly stepping on a holy scripture.

In a Facebook post by Muhammad Syafiq, it is alleged that the victim, owner of the Facebook account ‘Zack Hard Candy’, had stepped on a holy book.

Video footage shows the victim admitting stepping on a religious scripture.

Right after the “confession”, the person recording the video can be heard saying: “You stepped on a [Holy Book] and you’re taking drugs.”

Muhammad Syafiq then pointed to what looks like drug paraphernalia in the room of the victim before using racial slurs against the victim.

The victim is then beaten to pulp, by men who were accompanying Muhammad Syafiq.

A picture of a deity in the victim’s room, is also smashed, as Muhammad Syafiq and his friends say they are doing this in the name of God.

Muhammad Syafiq said the victim was handed over to the police, although not much is mentioned of the condition of the victim.

The Facebook profile which uploaded the video has also deleted the footage from his page.

Although details of the incident are unclear at the time of writing, sources from the police confirmed the incident and said the victim is an OKU card holder.

The original post can be viewed here:

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