British High Commission urges British travellers in Malaysia to return home

25 Mar 2020 / 10:50 H.

KUALA LUMPUR: The British High Commission in Malaysia on Tuesday strongly recommended British travellers here to return to the UK as soon as possible following a new travel advice issued by its government as international travels are becoming increasingly difficult due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is understood that 360,000 British tourists visited Malaysia last year, thus there could be a significant number of travellers left in Malaysia.

Its High Commissioner Charles Hay, in a statement posted on the High Commission’s social media page, urge them to do so while commercial routes are still available.

“My staff at the High Commission and I are working closely with the Malaysian government to try to keep commercial routes open for the people to return to the UK.

“But in the mean time, I urge you to speak to your travel agent, your airlines or to your insurance to make your arrangement to return to the UK as quickly as possible,” he said in a video recording.

Hay said UK nationals who live in Malaysia are advised to remain here while reminding them to follow the advice given by the Malaysian government.

Thus the advisory doesn’t seem to apply to British citizens living in Malaysia especially under the MM2H programme.

In an accompanying statement, the High Commission also advise travellers that decided to remain here to have their long-term accommodation arrangements in place.

It said the UK government would only organise repatriations in exceptional circumstances.

The UK government, through its Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in a travel advice published Monday, advised British people travelling abroad to return to the UK now, if commercial flights are still available. - Bernama

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