Build border walls, install CCTV to curb crimes: Kelantan police

20 Oct 2019 / 19:57 H.

PASIR MAS: The Kelantan police believe the construction of a wall and the installations of closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) at the Malaysia-Thailand border in the state can prevent and reduce cross-boundary crime activities.

Kelantan Police chief, Datuk Hasanuddin Hasrat said the move could facilitate the enforcement authorities to monitor and curb smuggling activities.

‘’Thailand, we see, have constructed walls at several locations other than installing CCTV as a preventive measure.

‘’I suggest the same move to the related quarters here, so that all activities along the border can be monitored more effectively,’’ he told reporters after a visit to the illegal Gergaji base near Rantau Panjang here today.

Commenting further, Hasanuddin said he did not deny that smuggling activities were still taking place at the border but were still under control with the presence of the General Operation Force who were conducting Ops Wawasan.

He said, from the monitorings conducted, the residents on the border of both countries were seen freely entering and exiting the border via illegal bases as though no checks were conducted.

In the same development, Hasanuddin said he advised the personnel on duty at the border to carry out their duties with full integrity to avoid tarnishing the name of the police force.

‘’We do not want the good deeds we contributed out all these while to be washed away due the activities of a few who are without integrity.

‘’Every officer and personnel, especially those stationed at the border, must carry out their duties well and avoid any activity involving unhealthy symptoms such as corruption.

‘’I repeat ... if they are arrested, they must bear the consequences,’’ he added. — Bernama

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