GEORGE TOWN: The Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) has urged the government to impose a total ban on e-cigarettes and vaping products in the country as such devices were also used by minors.

Its president, Mohideen Abdul Kader today said from a survey carried out by CAP recently, some 1,000 students in Penang were found to be involved in this habit and the trend was worrying.

“We found that these minors were forming groups comprising between six and 10 boys and girls, naming themselves after the brands of e-liquid (used for vaping and e-smoking) and they met at shopping centres near the schools to collect money weekly to purchase e-liquids,” he said in a press conference here.

He also said that the cheapest e-liquid available was priced at RM45 and minors were willing to spend up to over RM100 worth of e-liquid for volume, unique flavouring, or to produce more vape clouds.

“According to the national vaping movement in 2015, it is believed that there are one million vapers in Malaysia and about 10% of them are minors,” he said. — Bernama