Closure of community clinics due to low patient turnout, says Lee

14 Feb 2019 / 14:41 H.

PETALING JAYA: The closure of 34 community clinics was not due to the performance of Assistant Medical Officers (PPP), Deputy Health Minister Lee Boon Chye (pix) said today.

They have performed their responsibilities professionally under the supervision of medical officers, Lee explained at a meeting between his ministry and the PPP associations and unions.

“The closure is due to low patient turnout and if there is a health clinic facility within 5km,” he said. “Patients safety in the Community Clinic operated by PPP have never been an issue as the PPPs in charge have performed their responsibilities professionally under Medical Officers supervision and regulated by Act 180, the Medical Assistant Act 1977 and the Medical Assistant Regulations 1979.”

Lee added that PPPs had contributed a lot in the medical sector. “PPPs are one of the main pillars in providing comprehensive care including others affiliated healthcare professionals that complement each other,” he said.

“I believe the role of PPP’s does not necessarily change but can be expanded in today’s and future healthcare sectors.”

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