Covid-19: No case at Alor Star’s Aman Central Mall: Management

ALOR STAR: The management of the Aman Central Mall here today dismissed as fake a social media message of an employee of a restaurant there having come down with Covid-19.

In a statement, it advised the people against circulating any message without verification as it can alarm the public.

“The circulation of fake news is a serious matter and those who spread such news can have action taken against them. The public can obtain the latest information from our Facebook (Aman Centra lAlor Setar) or Instagram (amancentral) accounts.

“The Aman Central management has also taken preventive measures to check the spread of Covid-19 by placing hand sanitisers at the information counter, escalators, lifts and parking ticket payment machines. The seats at the mall are cleaned regularly every day,” said the statement.

The fake social media message had claimed that an employee of a restaurant at the mall had contracted Covid-19 and that the shopping complex will be closed for three days. — Bernama