KUALA LUMPUR: Police have advised vaccine recipients to lodge a report if they suspect they have been injected with an empty syringe so that further investigations can be carried out.

In a statement yesterday, Bukit Aman Criminal Investigation Department director Datuk Seri Abd Jalil Hassan said once the vaccine recipient lodges such a report, the department will open an investigation paper.

“Following the media statement issued yesterday, the police are still receiving many inquiries and complaints regarding the uneasiness of Covid-19 vaccine recipients.

“For vaccine recipients who are anxious and feel cheated, they can do the ‘Covid Neutralising Antibody Test’ at a licensed medical laboratory, 30 days after receiving the second dose injection to confirm the presence of antibodies in the body,“ he said.

Abd Jalil also advised the public to lodge a complaint in the event of false offers or fraudulent sales of vaccines in the market and online as well as any sales efforts that are not in accordance with the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme.

“Until now, the police have not detected any syndicate or individual suspected of trying to sell or market the vaccine to the public in secret or otherwise,“ he added.

Yesterday, Abd Jalil in a statement said that his team had received 13 police reports related to the empty syringe allegation by the staff of the Health Ministry at several vaccination centres throughout the country.