JOHOR BAHRU: A fun outing for six young boys at Sungai Masai, near Taman Masai Utama, here, yesterday turned tragic after two of them drowned.

Johor Zone 1 Fire and Rescue Department Asst Supt Hamdan Ismail said the body of Sharif Mohd Sharizan Sabri, 11, was recovered at

9.18pm while the body of Mohd Ahlan Kiram, 14, was found at 10.32pm.

He said 21 firefighters including nine members of the department’s dive team, assisted by the Royal Malaysian Police and the Civil Defence Force were mobilised to the scene of the incident after they received a distress call at 6.15pm.

“The first victim (Sharif) was found not far away from the second victim (Mohd Ahlan), around two metres at the depth of five metres,” he told reporters at a media conference at the scene of the incident.

According to initial information, Sharif was believed to have fallen while trying to retrieve his slippers that had slipped into the river.

“Mohd Ahlan was believed to have tried to help Sharif who was drowning, but he failed and that resulted in both of them drowning,” he added.

Hamdan said the remains of both boys were brought to the Sultan Ismail Hospital by the police for further action.

Meanwhile, their friend, Mohd Azmil Jamaludin,13, while contacted said he nearly became a victim himself but was rescued by the others.

He said he and the rest of their friends ran to seek help when both of the victims disappeared from view.

“My friend dragged my leg and I was saved. Actually, we just played together by the river because we all live in the same flat.

“I didn’t expect it would turn out like this,” he added. -Bernama