Kampung Sondukut residents happy over minister’s assurance on water crisis

10 Jul 2019 / 08:00 H.

KENINGAU: The lack of clean water supply for Kampung Sondukut residents, about 11 km from here over the last 30 years, will be resolved following the assurances given by Sabah Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Peter Anthony.

Village Community Consultative Council (MPKK) chairman Raymond Sutal said the minister’s assurance was very important for the people here who were hoping it would become a reality this year.

According to him, over the last 30 years the villagers were relying heavily on rainwater for various uses due to lack of access to clean water.

Panagatan Ulu village chief, Aneh Dalusim said permanent water supply was very important to the residents as it was difficult during the dry season to get water supply.

He said residents were forced to dig wells to get water sources and others had to walk far to get water from the river.

Peter during the Aidilfitri celebration in Bingkor at the end of last month was said to have paid particular attention to the problems faced by Kampung Sondukut villagers.

He said the problem had long been faced by its villagers and the new state government was aware of it and efforts were being made to resolve the issue. - Bernama

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