PETALING JAYA: The Kiwanis Klang Club (Kiwanis Klang) has mobilised a fundraising campaign to help marginalised communities in the Klang district by providing vouchers for food items and groceries which will be delivered to the affected communities directly.

A hypermarket and a convenience store chain have joined hands with Kiwanis to supply vouchers for the purchase of essential items from their outlets to help feed these communities affected by the MCO order.

These will include families from our Down Syndrome Foundation, Orphanages and B40 families located in the Klang district who have movement restrictions and loss of income in these trying times.

Kiwanis Klang Club Secretary Datuk Stewart LaBrooy has appealed to fellow Malaysians especially the Netizens to chip in to help raise funds for the marginalised communities in the Klang district.

“There comes a time in our lives when a generation is faced with the monumental challenge of fighting a global Pandemic such as the Covid-19 virus. The pandemic has turned our lives upside down and threatens the livelihood of many of us, especially the poorer citizens in our communities,” LaBrooy said in his appeal on behalf of Kiwanis Klang.

“We need to come together as one nation to help these families in our communities who have lost their jobs and income during the MCO, and not knowing when their next wage will be earned post lockdown. Many are facing hardship while the MCO is in force with a possibility of a further extension than the targeted date of April 14.”

LaBrooy added that NGOs who were on the ground preparing meals for these families as well as distributing them were unable to perform the “full mile” as the MCO ruling has curtailed their “door to door” delivery efforts. Thankfully this restriction has been lifted but much still has to be done.

Kiwanis Klang has leveraged on technology it has developed to raise funds though an innovative payment portal and are using all the tools of social media available to get the message out to all Malaysians. This is the fastest and most transparent way of getting aid to the needy.

It has also ensured that the funds will reach each family and that daily progress will be posted on its website where a page has been created for the Covid-19 Community Safety Net Fund.

Donors can make a direct cash contribution to the project account: KIWANIS CLUB OF KLANG MAYBANK A/C 5124 6424 1349 or donate through the Kiwanis Klang payment portal by clicking on the link where Donors will be able to use their phones to make mobile online donations.