List of Covid-19 fake news today

KUALA LUMPUR: The following is an update from the Communications and Multimedia Ministry (KKMM) Quick Response Team on countering fake news related to Covid-19 on social media.

1. The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) denies authenticity of an article titled “Najib sebagai penasihat Ekonomi, Bukan Menteri Kewangan atau Perdana Menteri” (Najib to be Economic Adviser, not Finance Minister or Prime Minister), as was viralled on social media. PMO explained that they never issued any statement to the effect.

2. The Health Ministry (KKM) has dismissed rumours about the implementation of a curfew in the Brickfields area in Kuala Lumpur, namely behind the YMCA Building, following claims that four positive Covid-19 cases were detected there in the wake of pictures spread on social media on a group of health staff in Personal Protective Equipment in the area.

On the same matter, the police explained that the pictures were a recording of an incident that happened in Kuala Langat, Selangor on May 16. - Bernama