#SayaDigital programme set up by MDEC to facilitate adoption of new normal by local businesses

PETALING JAYA: A system has been put in place to enhance the digital skills of Malaysians and empower local businesses to go digital, said the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

Its chief marketing officer Raymond Siva said the #SayaDigital initiative is about getting various sectors ready to embrace the new normal and overcome the challenges it has created.

He said there are no requirements to join #SayaDigital, just the desire to learn more about going digital.

“Our capacity-building measures are aimed at all Malaysians, whether they are small business owners or part of the workforce looking to upskill themselves, even young people who are just entering the workforce.

“For example, the SME Digital Summit, a first-of-its-kind event for Malaysia. Leveraging on the expertise of seasoned industry players from the likes of Zetpy, Maxis, HEXA Food, SITEC and Zapptech, participants learned and engaged themselves with the best ways on implementing digital solutions that can help sustain or expand their business operations,” he told theSun.

Siva said other programmes under the ambit of #SayaDigital include #YoungCreators, #MYDigitalWorkforce Week and the Gig and Freelance Expo (GFX).

He said these events, operating together with partner events from their respective ecosystems, focused solely on helping Malaysians learn new digital skills and for businesses, match them with digital careers.

He said #SayaDigital is a movement that aims to connect those seeking digital jobs and upskilling opportunities with partners that offer such, including global tech giants like Tencent, Google and Amazon.

He said the other ecosystem partners like Exabytes, Digi Telecommunications, commerce.asia, EasyParcel, Zetpy and Maxis have also joined to reduce the digital divide as they search for the right digital talent to cultivate and work with.

“Leveraging on their expertise and presence in the movement, we are then able to provide a platform for those seeking opportunities and those providing them.

“As such, it expedites the digitalisation process for talent development and organisational operations and creates a holistic digital workforce.”

He said with the movement, along with tie-in efforts like the recently introduced #MYDigitalWorkforce Jobs Platform, National Digital Skills Training Directory, various workshops for SME digitalisation and digital content development training, the focus to drive forward digital talent development is well underway.

Siva said, for example, for the SME Digital Summit 2020, over one million participants (accumulative) tuned in.

He said this resulted in a surge of registration for SME digitalisation initiatives.

He said for the #YoungCreators Movement, as of Sept 8, there were more than 5.1 million impressions for all streamed workshops and user content, with almost 750,000 shares and saves across TikTok, Instagram Feed and Live, and YouTube.

“During #MYDigitalWorkforce Week, there were more than eight million impressions for all the content that streamed over two weeks and close to 350,000 clicks or visits to the #MYDigitalWorkforce website.”

He said during GFX, there were two days of heavy engagement with influencers and key opinion leaders on the topic of upskilling and reskilling and the latest trends about the freelancer ecosystem.

He said this helped more than 100,000 participants better understand the Gig Economy.

He said new users continue to register even after events such as #MYDigitalWorkforce Jobs Platform and eRezeki.